About us

SCRE3NS Media Network is the first digital OOH company inside gas stations In Egypt. Partnering with the one of the biggest players in the oil industry worldwide “Total” and the strongest screens’ supplier in Egypt Kitvison, SCRE3NS Launched its services in August 2017 with Nestle Ice-Cream followed by Mangroovy Real Estate, Souq.com and Credit Agricole on the screens. We currently own seven top-notch quality screens inside Total gas stations all over Cairo and North Coast.


Revolutionize the digital OOH industry in Egypt using the latest technology.


Improve and innovate our digital OOH network using the latest technological standards and adding rich digital features for better campaign reach, performance and management.

SCRE3NS’s Edge

Since customer shopping behavior has changed and directed towards big markets and shops inside gas stations, we have decided to follow the global trend and create our network which combines between the digital benefits and the strong reach of outdoors.

Let us take you through our competitive advantage:

  • Prestigious Advertising mode, using latest technology.
  • Reaching audience at the perfect time, while there are no driving distractions, no phone, low music volume and certainly 7 minutes of doing nothing.
  • Rich communication messages with videos and animated visuals. Also, you can use multiple messages per location in only one campaign.
  • Advertising at the major points of purchase, where the average numerical traffic exists, in which for the first time in Egypt you can calculate average ROI for your outdoor campaign.
  • Massive reach at 7 Premium Locations with millions of fuel transactions and shop purchases
  • Advanced Simple Online Platform customized to suit your daily business needs and behaviors, where you can check availability, book campaigns, submit your ads, pay and review reports.
  • Exclusivity in Packages, in which you will communicate alone. Competitors will not be able to advertise in the network within the same period.
  • Cost Effectiveness where you will be able to generate more revenue compared to normal outdoor campaigns.